Lego animation is marvelous. You can talk at length about how it's the next big thing, you can even argue that it's the biggest thing in ages, animation-wise. The Lego Movie was huge in 2014, everyone was buzzing about it. It really was the case when you can buy the hype, see it for yourself and still be amazed at just how good it is.

Not many people know, however, that Lego movies don't end on The Lego Movie. You have so many other stuff to choose from. They even have four movies dedicated to Bionicles. If they can spend enough money to try to get people to like Bionicles, just imagine what they will do for their better "intellectual property"? Here, on this very page, you can get a better taste of those efforts. Every single Lego-related animated movie is fun, exciting and funny. Even the Bionicle ones, don't be so quick to judge. Somehow it made them seem like good enough toys, which is a huge achievement in and of itself. So, get ready to get amazed by high-quality animation and witty dialogues.

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