Lilo and Stitch is a huge franchise, but not many people know that it's not just a single movie from 2002. There are also short films, animated series, television specials, TV films and some straight-to-DVD goodness, too. People shouldn't have trouble understanding that Disney really knows how to handle its IPs, just look at them un-ruining Star Wars.

If you love this odd-couple dynamic that's so prevalent in pop culture, you are gonna love Lilo and Stitch. You have a little orphan girl named Lilo and some cute-yet-weird and mischievous alien called Stitch. Together they go on fun adventures, learn a thing or two about friendship, the outside world, family and love. It's both incredibly touching and incredibly fun to watch. It doesn't focus too much on drama, but it's not all fun and games. You can learn some valuable life lessons, even as an adult who's full of adult experiences and problems. It makes you feel like you're a kid again and not many other animation series can do that for you.

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